operations manual

An easy way to create, manage and update your business operations manual

Why does your business need an operations manual?

An operations manual is one place that everyone on your team can access in order to find out how your regular business tasks and processes are done. This saves time in training new staff and makes regular tasks more efficient.

If you ever decide to sell your business, an operations manual is a valuable item to the buyer and can actually increase your business’ value.

Most people dislike creating operations manuals because it’s time-consuming and needs updating regularly, which means also printing out for everyone to access. At Belluber, we can develop an easy to manage, online operations manual for your business and your staff to manage and use from anywhere, as well as via their mobile phones!

Here are the main features of having an online operations manual:

  • Easy to make private so only staff can access it via a login screen
  • Easy to update with new posts (new procedures for your manual) and to edit
  • Easily add images into your posts e.g. screenshots to show how to do tasks
  • Customise with your branding
  • Searchable to easily find the tasks you need to do
  • Catagorise your tasks to help you sort them into sections
  • Specify what each user can do (permission levels) e.g. view only, view and add posts, fully administrate, etc.
  • Option to allow comments/questions to be added for each post
  • Option to allow social sharing of posts to social media pages, private groups etc.
  • Option to display social media icons that link to your business pages
  • Customisable sidebars to always display what you prefer e.g. a search box, ‘Recent Posts’ etc.
  • Save paper and printer ink – no need to keep printing a new one out each time it is updated
  • It can be accessed from anywhere including mobile phones

If you want to take a look at our own Operations Manual to see how it works, email us for access.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or to find out more.

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