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5 step checklist for blog posting

Blogging is becoming increasing popular for both entertainment and business. It’s also a great way to keep your website updated which helps with SEO. Below is a short guide on what you should be including in your posts.

1. Purpose

Remember that a blog is for communication first and sales much after that. Don’t lose sight of the purpose of your blog. Yes, you can use it to promote your products and services, but it is not the same as a traditional website. It’s to establish your expertise and expressing your opinions and passions. Readers can spot a sales page when they see one. Also, don’t make your blog all about you. Speak with your customers’ problems and give related solutions, and your blog will become a valuable resource. How-to articles are ideal for that goal.

2. Market your blogs

Although social media is important for blog promotion, the best and lowest cost way to retain interested readers is with email newsletters. However you should promote every blog post you write through social media. Check your competitors and see how they promote their blogs, and interact with them too. Other bloggers in the same industry can end up being a big part of your network.

3. Interact

Respond to your readers’ comments and emails – interacting makes you seem more “human”. Participate in a conversation on Twitter using this #blogchat hashtag. Also share useful and relevant posts from other blogs – people will love you for this, and may return the favour!

4. Pick a good title

Spruce up that title of yours. This simple formula will grab the attention of your readers:

  • Start with your working title.
  • When you beginning editing your title, bear in mind that it should remain accurate to the blog and clear.
  • Then work on making your title appealing – it could be through strong language, alliteration or a play on wording.
  • Try and optimise for SEO by adding some keywords in there, ensuring it still looks natural.
  • Finally, see if you can condense it at all. A long overwhelming title can put people off, and Google prefers 65 characters or less.
5. Proof-read and spell check

Before you publish a post, really make sure you proof read your article and check your spelling several times. Pay attention to the details of your blog post and ask somebody else to proofread it for you. Bad spelling will not only ruin your credibility, but search engines won’t like poor copy either. Make sure you check everything before you publish it.

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