7 steps to improve your email marketing campaigns

Despite the huge growth of social media marketing for business, email marketing still continues to be vital. Here are the steps you need to undertake for business growth via email marketing.

1. Pin down your goals

In order to measure your return, you need to establish what you hope to achieve through an email campaign. Here are some objectives that you can achieve through an effective email marketing campaign:

  • Build subscribers
  • Boost engagement
  • Build customer relationships
  • Re-engage inactive users
  • Retarget customers
  • Conduct research

Ultimately, the aim is to increase your traffic and sales by ensuring your customers stay happy to hear from your brand.

2. Build a contact list

A healthy audience is the first phase of any marketing campaign. There are several ways you can generate an email list. One is to encourage users to subscribe on your website, enticing them with great content, newsletters, exclusive offers or updates. This can be shared across your social media platforms too.

3. Segment the audience

If you send emails with a personalised subject line, they are 26% more likely to be opened. An example could be segmenting new subscribers from old subscribers. You could reward consistent engagement with discounts, or lure in inactive subscribers with attractive promotions.

4. Crafting your emails

Here are some tips on developing email templates:

  • Neat and straightforward design, with enough whitespace to attract people to the critical points. Use images or animations to spice things up.
  • Deliver a consistent brand image through all marketing channels. Ensure your voice remains the same.
  • Experiment with designs. If you think that a particular content or design is not working, a different approach might be refreshing for your audience.
  • Use subject lines wisely, but don’t make it clickbait, otherwise you may gain unsubscribers.
5. A/B split testing

Using A/B split testing is a great way to see what is most effective. You can split test different subject lines, the way the email is displayed (either simple text or with graphics and images), and the time of day the email is sent. See what works best for opens and engagement.

6. Measure your campaigns with analytics

One of the best advantages of email marketing is that its results are measurable. You can discover whether your efforts are working and use the stats to drive your next battle. The three main aspects you should focus on:

Behaviour analysis

  • View rate
  • Open rate
  • Highest converting links
  • The time people open the emails
  • Unsubscribe rate

Outcome analysis

  • Conversion rate
  • Average revenue per campaign
  • Lead generation
  • ROI of each campaign

Experience analysis

  • Why different email segments have higher open rates
  • Why the revenue is lower in particular months

While behavioural and outcome analysis can be done with analytical tools, experience analysis is more of a thought process or lessons to learn.

7. Optimise

If you find your campaigns aren’t yielding the results you hopes for, here are some bonus tips to help you:

  • Straightforward subject lines have the most impact. But don’t give away the content straightaway – intrigue the reader just enough to open the emails.
  • Spam filters might affect your slow stats.
  • If you have a high bounce rate, give your contact list an update.

In a few attempts, you should be ready with an effective email marketing plan in place that can benefit your subscribers, customers and business.

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