Customer review

Getting customers to sell your products/services for you

Once you’ve built a large base of loyal customers for your business, you can start to branch into looking at strategies to get your customers to sell for you. A customer who is a big fan of your product will most likely recommend that product and talk more about the positives.

The strategies we’ll focus on here are: referrals and recommendations, having a good understanding of the customers in your business, and retaining customers.

Referrals, reviews and recommendations

Customer referrals and recommendations can be hugely helpful for marketing your business. Any potential customers get to see the optimistic reviews of your products and services from previous customers which will get them interested in finding out more. Provide an incentive for your customers to leave a review, such as a discount code, promotional offer or an entry into a giveaway.

Also after every sale, follow up with your customer and ask for their recommendation – just make this process as easy as possible for them.

Having a good understanding of the customers in your business

The customers that are likely to buy from your business will all have a shared interest of the product/service you are selling. Creating a better understanding of your customers will help with any incentives you want to bring out to generate more reviews and recommendations. Keeping track of the analytics from your website and where the customer purchases the product/service from will also allow you to measure any changes and updates from customer interests within your business.

Retaining customers

Once you have an existing customer base, it’s easier to sell to those customers. Look at ways to retain. One of the ways could be by asking for their input on any improvements that could be made to an existing product/service. Also create loyal customer discounts or ‘loyalty cards’.

Social media makes it easier than ever to generate customer recommendations, reviews and to build up an existing base of customers whom can discuss products in your business that they benefit from. Robin Daniels from the company Sales Force says: “by delighting your customers, you can turn them into effective sales people who persuade friends, family and colleagues to use your products and services”. The importance of having a loyal customer base for your business is clear especially with the priority of generating positive recommendations, referrals and reviews.

Another helpful tip to get customers to sell your product for you is to ‘encourage content that is customer-created’. This can include asking customers to engage in taking photos of your products and writing blog-related content about them. This can be more effective to see online than content published by your business because search engines thrive on customer-created content. Also the content created by customers is of course more trusted than the content created by the brand itself.

There are many effective strategies to help get your customers to sell your product or service for you. See from this list which one you can implement into your marketing plan.