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How to get more engaged followers on Instagram

If you use Instagram to promote your business then you might find this brief guide useful. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks and one that your competitors could be using to their advantage more than you are! Here are some tips to get more engaged followers…

1. Write longer and stronger captions.

You can include up to 2,200 characters in your Instagram posts (much more than on Twitter), so spend the time writing meaningful and captivating content.

2. Use stories and stickers

Stories are an easy way to engage followers. InstaStory is so popular that over 500 million (yes, that many!) people use it every day. You can also use stickers in your stories that prompt people to take action e.g. visit a page on your website.

3. Sticker questions, polls and votes

Use these to get people engaging with you and to make people feel valued with their opinions, as well as to get two way communication going.

4. Post and popular times

Monitor and study your Insta Analytics to see when the best time of day to post is as this makes a big difference. Your target market might be more engaged at a time that surprises you!

5. You MUST include hashtags

Hashtags are VITAL. If you’re not using them already then you will be pleasantly surprised at what happens when you start using them! People will find your posts through searching Instagram and loads of people search on there. Use lots of them too! They don’t need to make your posts untidy, just put them lower down in the caption by adding full stops and line breaks before the hashtags like this:
#hashtag1 #hashtag2 etc.

6. Connect with your followers

If anyone comments on your posts or tags/mentions you in theirs, ALWAYS reply. When people see you reply, they will engage with you more. Make sure you keep checking your notifications.

7. Post fun and conversation sparking stuff

Look at what’s trending, what’s in the news and what people are talking about then link your posts to some of that as it will grab much more attention and don’t forget to use the right hashtags for those trending stories/news!

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