How to use Instagram effectively for business

People say that brands that are visually appealing, such as food and beverage businesses or companies in the fashion industry are the only way you can succeed on Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms. I think they’re wrong. Not having a visually appealing brand doesn’t mean you can’t get involved with Instagram. There are plenty of ways that your business can benefit from using this platform, especially with the use of trending topics and hashtags.

As an assistant for Belluber, I suggested to Steph (the company owner) that we get Belluber onto Instagram. She thought it would be time and effort wasted as Belluber doesn’t provide visually appealing products and services. However since then I have created many images for Instagram that relate to the business. This has made us receive engagement, which Steph has since been happy with. Pictured below is a snippet of our Instagram page and one post in more detail.

If you click on the first image, you can see that we mainly upload posts with text related to Belluber or to marketing – testimonials, marketing tips and inspiring quotes. Why have we got a post with a photo of coffee? We will get to that later.

Belluber instagram Testimonial

The other image here is of a snippet of one of our testimonials. In just five minutes, that post got 30 likes. Putting relevant hashtags that people are likely to search leads to more engagement on your profile. Chances are, these people aren’t going to buy your product or service. But if your prospects and clients see that you are popular on social media, it’s certainly not a bad thing.

You’ve just got to have fun with it. The main purpose of social media is for entertainment, right? Upload images that people are going to be interested in seeing. It is known that the most popular posts on all social media platforms are ones that get to people’s emotions. This can include making them laugh, sad, or shocking them.

Contests can also be fun on Instagram, like caption competitions. Another effective competition idea is to get people to upload photos using your product, and let the winner with the best photo receive a prize. This is a great way to get people spreading the word about your brand.

Coffee postAn effective way to receive engagement on Instagram is to get involved in the latest trends and hashtags, and see how you can relate them to your business. Pictured left is our coffee post (I told you we’d get to it!) which was posted on #InternationalCoffeeDay. International Coffee Day was one of the top trends worldwide on this day on many social media profiles including Instagram. By getting involved, you’re showing people that your company has personality and humour.



Coca cola instagram

Take a look at Coca Cola’s Instagram page (yes I know they’re a beverage company, but they are great for this example!). They are constantly posting images related to worldwide news and trends, and partly because of this, have tonnes of engagement. Look at their #InternationalCheeseBurgerDay post. (Yes Coca Cola, we want National Cheeseburger Week too.)

See, just because your business doesn’t provide yummy-looking food or designer clothes, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on using Instagram for your business.

An important aspect with being successful on Instagram is to keep it regularly updated, just like other social media profiles. We have experienced people in our team that can keep your social profiles going. For more information on this, or for more guidance on using Instagram yourself, contact us.

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