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4 top tips for marketing through social media

Social media is one of the top ways to market your business. It produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail and PPC. According to, 74% of brand marketers saw an increase in website traffic after investing 6 hours a day on social media. The increase in use of social media means that us business owners need to be in sync with the latest developments, and here are some important tips to taking advantage of this fact in the best ways.

1. Use personality and humour in social media postsMonkey

Yes, there are some people who use social media to get industry-related or world news. But more often than not social media is used to entertain and kill time. Using personality and humour in your posts will result in more chances of them being shared. This is therefore gaining brand awareness, followers, leads and customers. Triggering people’s emotions with posts is what gets people talking and sharing. Surprise your followers, use puns, have fun with it!

2. Share trending content

Try to focus on the balance between sharing your promotional content, interacting with your followers and influencers, and sharing other useful content. This can relate to viral videos on YouTube that have adorable puppies, sneezing babies or Madonna’s fall at the Brit Awards (ouch!), or trending worldwide news. Cleverly relating this content to your business is an interesting way of reaching out to more followers. Just spend a little time before work researching current trending topics. Not only give you content to share, but it will also make you aware of what is going on in the world.

3. Less text, more visuals

We live in a visual world. According to Heidi Cohen’s actionable marketing guide, a whopping 94% of content with visuals get more total views than textual content. If it is done well, images and videos can allow you to tell your story simply and quickly, as visual content has quite an impact on audiences. Videos will soon dominate as the social media content format of choice.

Although YouTube still has more video views across all devices, there is an increase in videos through Facebook. Facebook videos receive more shares than YouTube, proving that posting videos here are more effective. Get the best of both – post videos onto YouTube and share the link to them on Facebook.

4. Participate in industry-related Twitter and Facebook chats

This gives you the opportunity to connect with others in your industry and learn from them. Taking part in online conversations enables you to discover new leads, develop relationships with people in your industry, build brand authority, and expose your own brand further. What can go wrong with talking to people who have so much in common with you?

Using hashtags related to your industry can add your voice to your industry’s conversations. To get the attention from your influences, use the same hashtags that they use – so when they are scrolling through their hashtag your name will pop up to them.

At Belluber we cover the social media aspect of many different businesses. If you’d like more information on how we can market your business, contact us.

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