7 tips for perfect presentations

1. Collate their problems

Why does your audience need you and what are their concerns/battles? List their possible problems and tailor your message to their needs. Keep the message edgy and say something that will wake them up!

Create a new way to solve the issues they have.

2. Target your audience

What audience are you targeting? E.g. men/women, specific age group, business people, etc. Choose a target audience that you genuinely care about and relate to.

3. Create a story they will love

Craft a story that positions you as an authority on your subject. Link it to the problems of your audience so that it shows you understand their experiences.

In your stories, set the scene, use hooks and make it intriguing. Leave some information out which leaves the audience with something to think about. Build characters in your story and take on their persona, using their dialogue as you narrate. Your story needs a peak and then a solution. Finish by planting a seed in the listeners’ minds which can be a belief or moral.

4. Choose the right topic

Choose a topic based on your knowledge, your expertise, what you love to do, had pain with or are inspired to do.

5. Provide a ‘take-away’!

Ensure you have information assets that you give to your audience; something valuable they can take away with them which can be a hand-out, a book, DVD, whitepaper or simply some useful tips. Make your audience a same day offer to take the next step in your sales process.

6. Package your content

Organise your ideas into packages just like folders, sub-folders and files on a computer. This can prevent listeners getting confused/overwhelmed.

7. Get people in the room

There are many ways to get an audience – it all comes down to marketing. Create a website and capture website leads via a web form they complete, in order to download something valuable. Send them a sequence of emails to build trust.

Build up a community through social media for example, regularly post interesting status updates, valuable questions and comments on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Join up with another speaker for collaboration which can double the people you get in the room.

Remember to always strive for improvement in your presentations. As soon as you finish, go somewhere quiet and jot down notes on what went well and what you can improve.

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