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The best ways to promote your small business event

“We might live in a digital world, but there is no better way to create and maintain customer relationships than a face-to-face meeting”, Cathy Mueller, executive of Mapping Your Future says.

It takes time and effort to plan a business event so ensure that you are devoted to its planning and execution. Once you have sorted the basics, it’s time to send out those invites. These few tactics listed below can help spread the word quickly and easily.

Use social media tools designed for events

You can create a Facebook event with all the information necessary. Or if you have a paper invitation, take a picture of it and post it to your social media sites. Twitter-based tools such as TweetMyEvents or TweetVite are also a great way of getting the word out. If you would prefer to send out invites by email, try to make them personal to the invitee.


Networking can be a vital help with promoting, planning and running an event. Potential customers you have already networked with who know what services you offer are more likely to attend events that you run. Also networking with hotels and caterers will give you the opportunity to meet people whose services may help you with planning events.

Partner with a non-profit company

Teaming your event up with a local non-profit company will show that your small business is interested in the success of the local community which will draw both new and existing customers to the event. Pick a charity that fits your business e.g. a pet store might team up with a local animal charity.

Create a calendar invitation

Once the event details are in place, send an email to invite your current customers and remind them to attend. Don’t overwhelm your customers with invite after invite. Just remind your customers once about the event as the date draws close. Keep it short and sweet. If you send out a calendar invite, the event will automatically go into your customers’ daily schedule.

The event may not result in tonnes of sales straightaway. But customers will remember the experience and are more likely to turn to your company when they need the products and services that you offer. Contact me if you’d like Belluber to promote your business events.

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