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Why have a responsive website?

I don’t need to tell you that browsing the net while on the go is going to overtake desktop browsing – stats show it will happen in 2014. Many of us use our mobile, iPad, Kindle etc. to access online information, make purchases and to simply check out someone’s website.

Have you checked how your website appears on different portable screens? Many sites look the same on a mobile as they do a desktop computer monitor which means the visitor has to scroll around and zoom in to read the content.

This is what my website would look like on a mobile screen if it was a non-responsive, standard website.
You can’t see the entire width without scrolling right, the navigation links and images are cut off and the text is small and difficult to read.
Belluber website not responsive

This is what my website actually looks like on a mobile, because it is designed as responsive.
The navigation has automatically changed to a mobile-friendly menu, the size of the images have adapted so they fit the screen and the text has become larger and more readable. It’s exactly the same website (not a separate mobile version) and it adapts to suit iPads, Kindles, mobiles – any size screen.


Have a look at your website on a mobile phone.

Is it easily readable or do you have to use your fingers to zoom in and scroll around to view the pages?

Now imagine someone using their mobile phone to search for companies that provide YOUR services/products. They look through the different websites that appear in the search results and want to find the info quickly and easily. Will they choose your competitor with the sleek, mobile-friendly and well-designed website they can easily navigate around with readable text at the right size? Or will they spend the time on your site with a non-mobile layout, trying to read the tiny text and scroll in different directions to get to the relevant pages?

Stats also show you only have a few seconds to grab the visitors’ attention before they go onto the next website in search results.

If you have an online store that you want to be made responsive/easy for you to update yourself and/or a blog system added to your current site, we can do that for a very affordable price.

Whether you currently have a website or not, fill in your email address and I will make the arrangements.

Have a look at some of the websites we have designed that are responsive – this is what they look like on mobile phone screens. Click on the images to open the websites – if you are on a desktop computer you’ll see what they look like in full size. You can resize your browser window to see them adapt as the browser gets smaller!

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