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Build brand awareness with these clever tips and tricks

If people don’t know who you are, they can’t purchase your product or service. Brand awareness happens the second someone remembers your brand from previously seeing something such as your company name or logo. Building brand awareness means building your reputation. This can help you to get more customers and retain old customers.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is brand awareness. People aren’t going to know your brand automatically after seeing your name or logo a couple of times. You need to work for it by building a strategy, earning people’s trust and making your presence known across multiple channels. There are so many ways you can engage with your customers online – from email marketing to advertising on social media. Below are components to add to your branding strategy:

Make your business more ethical or sustainable

Make your business stand out whilst doing your part for the planet, by incorporating more sustainability. You could plant a tree in clients’ names, encourage your staff members to cycle to work, or print less and be more digital. Already doing this? Shout about it! We are becoming more ethically aware and many people are likely to do business with a company that is incorporating sustainable measures.

Consistency is key

Being consistent will of course help people remember your brand. Consistency can also improve your SEO. If you have a Google My Business page, you will notice that your name, address and phone number is displayed when you search for your business. This should be the same across all platforms.

Also, everywhere that you have a visual digital presence should be consistent. The colours and fonts used across your website, branding and logo must match. Also, cover images for social media platforms should all be the same or similar.

If you are consistent with everything you do, you will become more familiar to people who see you across different platforms.

Social media presence

In a digital world it’s important to have a strong social media presence. You should also be posting regularly – remember that consistent thing we discussed? There are other things you can do alongside posting to boost your brand visibility, such as responding to comments on posts. Be known as a trusted, helpful brand with a great social media presence by making the effort to interact with your customers.

Partner with other (bigger) brands

If you’re a smaller business looking to build brand awareness, partner with more established brands by creating giveaways or even collaborating on a product.

Find businesses you’d like to work with, and engage with them on social media. After building a relationship, you can find out if they’d like to collaborate. Facebook or Instagram giveaways are perfect for building brand awareness. You’ll be getting your name out there to potentially a whole new audience, and if the other brand is in the same industry as you, even better.

Refer a friend

A referral programme is a great way to generate brand awareness, as well as gain new customers. If someone is already a loyal follower of your brand, give them the encouragement to share you with a friend.

If a friend tells you about a product, would you be inclined to check them out, especially if they were offering something free? Graze snacks provide a £1 for every person referred, and each new person receives a free graze box. Everybody wins!

Do something positive

Right now, there’s a lot of negativity in the world. So do something positive for your customers and your brand. Share positive reviews, answer customer queries or come up with your own form of positive branding.

Dominos previously launched a campaign called ‘Paving for Pizza’, where they fixed potholes in the road. They incorporated their logo to promote their business, while making a positive impact. You don’t have to go to this extreme, but people will recognise when you do something good. An idea is donating to a local charity. This can build positive brand awareness and could influence potential customers future buying decisions.

Use retargeting

Brand awareness is ensuring your audience see your logo, business name, ads etc. multiple times, so they become familiar with your brand. Retargeting is a way for customers who may have visited your website to see you again.

There are several forms of retargeting. You can gather data from customers who have visited your website and then retarget them with social media and Google ads. You can also use email to retarget customers.

It’s rare for a customer to convert the first time they interact with your brand. This is why you need to utilise retargeting.

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