Email marketing: 5 types of subject lines to engage your audience

Let’s start with why it is important to have a good subject line. With all the competition of other emails sent to your readers, it is important to keep your subscribers hooked. Having less than five seconds to convince a reader to open your email instead of deleting it, you need to make your email’s subject line STAND OUT.

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Grow your mailing list and increase click throughs

Buying email data can save time, effort and expenses compared to building your own list, but your data will not be good quality, targeted, relevant or accurate. This article gives advice on growing an organic email list and increasing clicks.

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10 vital ways not to lose contacts in your email database

If you’re using an email system like MailChimp, Infusionsoft or Constant Contact, they are strict about spam complaints to protect their reputation. If your emails are getting spam complaints (or marked as spam), they know about it and can insist that you remove contacts from your database.

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