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5 tricks you may have missed that can generate more business

Most of our articles and updates focus on how to get more business via online marketing methods such as Google and social media. But, it’s important to consider life outside of SEO and PPC, and these methods shouldn’t be dismissed.

Business was being generated long before the internet began. Although technology is being used more and more, every business should still consider other methods instead of putting their eggs all in one basket. In case their successful lead generating method no longer delivers the results they need.

So we’ve listed 5 other ways to generate more business that if you’re not doing at the moment, you might want to consider. If these are done right, they can really help to increase your customer base whilst being quite cost effective.


To make exhibitions work from a brand awareness point of view and a direct sales point of view, you need to choose the right ones to get your money’s worth. You’ll also need to take a few roller banners, promotional items, a laptop plus your products you want to sell. Getting these together will cost, but it’s a one-off investment that can cover several exhibitions, so it’s worth it.

Pick exhibitions that are either niche to your industry or localised. Also try to visit them before you agree to exhibit, to see how things works and the turn out, as well as the other businesses exhibiting. Most places require a fee for you to exhibit so it’s important that you pick the right place.

Postal marketing

You will have seen a massive drop in the amount of advertising you’ve received in the post over the past several years. Whilst some may take this as meaning postal advertising doesn’t work anymore, others will see it as a great opportunity. By sending something with a handwritten address, you can almost guarantee that it will be opened. This is simply because we’re not used to getting so much post these days.

Of course, there are costs involved in this, in terms of developing effective promotional material to send. But with the right level of thought and planning, this could really be a winner. Especially for the more traditional people that aren’t as confident in the world of online advertising – the kind of business that may not see your digital marketing efforts.

Local networking groups

Networking groups require you to go, get to know others and in turn, let others get to know you. They’re not just something that you go to a couple of times and never go back to. But with a bit of effort, networking groups can be effective, especially the smaller, independent ones. Search around for some local networking groups and try them out, as most are free on the first visit. Then choose a couple that you think are right for you. Even if you try for a few months and it isn’t for you, you may still get some good contacts.

Facebook groups

This approach is a long one, as you cannot simply go wading into groups and start bombarding them with your services – not if you want results anyway. You need to join local Facebook groups and national business networking groups (e.g. Local Business Network). But before you jump straight into waving your company banner around, join in the conversations, build an authority and then the results will start to come. By building the know, like and trust in these groups, people they are more likely to buy from you. If you can work hard at it, not only will you increase brand awareness, you will generate leads.

Localised sponsorship

From local charity events to football teams, sponsorship can be really effective in your community and doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Plus at the same time you’re giving something back, which is great. If you sponsor the right event or team, the long-term brand awareness is potentially massive. Imagine sponsoring a local kids football team. Not only will your logo be seen on match day and in the resulting photos, but every child has a parent who has friends and family, all of which will see your company logo on their kit. Ring around some local teams or keep an eye out for local events to see if you can offer sponsorship.

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