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5 ways to promote your business on a small budget

Many businesses this year have been forced to promote themselves on a shoestring budget. If you fall into this bracket, our article will give you 5 ideas on how you can promote your business online with a low budget.

1. Guest posting

Write a guest post for a big brand in your industry which includes your company name and a link back to your website. If that site has good reach and authority, your website will get an SEO boost as well as a load of referral traffic from their site. That ‘free content’ you’re producing for another person’s site turns into a free advert for you.

To make guest posting super effective, think about which links you want to include within your content, then make the content that the links point to evocative and on-brand. That way, you’ll drive click-throughs which stay there and look through your pages.

Just remember to optimise where your written content is hosted by choosing only relevant and authoritative sites. Also provide them with content they actually want to post! That leads us to our next point…

2. Create converting copy

There’s a knack to writing copy that draws in conversions, and it’s an important skill to have. Remember your audience: most users don’t want to wade through huge chunks of writing that they can’t skim.

So break up your text with headings. You may also wish to use images to further enhance the readability of your post. But above all, lose the corporate tone of voice! Humans want to hear from other humans, not robots.

Put some personality into your writing and add feeling.

3. Student interns

How many times have you heard someone say “Should we try out TikTok?”

There are some parts of social media which might not make sense to you… Unless you’ve grown up with them. It’s important to be aware of new trends, but if you don’t understand them, it can be hard to know if and how you should utilise them.

This is where student interns can help. Being generally young means they’ll be native users of emerging social media platforms and trends. They’ll inherently understand what content works.

So not only are student interns a great option for marketers who could benefit from inexpensive labour, they can also teach you a thing or two. As a business, you can gain insight that can only be offered by a younger demographic, while the student gains real industry experience. Plus, it’s a good way to scout for new talent who could transition to full-time employees later on.

4. Citation directories

One of the driving forces behind cheap SEO points is citation directories. These are online reference points to businesses that are hosted on third party sites. They contain the business’ vital information, including their name, address, phone number and website address. Examples include Google My Business and Facebook and Linked Pages.

With citations, you can improve your local rankings. Many businesses don’t have an existing Google My Business profile – if you fall in this category, get one set up!

5. Building reviews

Finally, nothing sells a product or service more than customers saying how good it is. Forbes goes as far as saying “the single most important thing you can do to attract new customers is to take control of your online review score”.

With online reviews now influencing 94% of consumer’s purchases, all businesses should be thinking big when it comes to encouraging customers to write them. If you’re just starting your business, include a polite request in your receipts or sales confirmations to encourage customers to leave a review. Some businesses provide the incentive of entering people into a monthly prize draw, which is nice encouragement.

If a negative review comes in, the key is to respond promptly and with genuine, heartfelt care. If a customer experienced delayed delivery, look into why and come back to them with an explanation. By offering a refund and making your solutions public, you’ll show the people who are thinking of buying from you that you’re proactive and fair in finding solutions.

Most of these suggestions require you to put in the work yourself. But for new businesses, or those forced to cut their marketing spend now, these low-to-nose cost options are brilliant alternatives to standard advertising.

So give a few a go and let us know how you get on!

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