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The 7 best ways to sell out your event

How do you develop a promotional strategy which generates interest from the beginning until the last ticket is sold? To help you identify where to invest your time and effort, we’ve created a list of the best 7 ways to sell out your event.

1. Display your event on other platforms

Why stop at selling tickets on your website? Event distribution is an effective way to boost ticket sales. If you sell tickets where your target audience already spends time online, and convert them fast with a speedy checkout, you’ll multiply your ticket registrations. Here are some important places to start:

  • Facebook: Every month, 550 million people use Facebook. EventBrite states that EventBrite organisers who make tickets available on Facebook as well drive double the amount of sales on average, than those who redirect to their own ticketing page.
  • Google: Google’s new Events listings highlight your event name, date, location and a link to your registration page for speedy purchase. Google search can drive between 5-10% of your ticket purchases or registrations.

2. Extend your on-sale window

Whether you’re hosting a jazz night or a 3 day business conference, you won’t be the only event of your kind. So how do you get ahead of the market? Top event directors agree that more time equals more ticket sales. Start selling as soon as possible!

Follow these steps to master early ticket sales:

  • Nail the venue. Get your venue and dates as soon as possible – this is the bare minimum you need to start selling. Once these are locked in, they open up early bird ticket sales.
  • Kickstart your sales by having an incentive for early bird tickets. It doesn’t have to be a discount – give early buyers a free drink or access to a VIP experience.

3. Optimise your site for mobile sales

According to Adobe, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the layout is unattractive or difficult to use. Here’s why mobile optimisation will boost your sales:

  • Mobile users have surpassed desktop users and the gap is continuing to grow.
  • Studies show a 160% lift in purchase completion with mobile-optimised payments.
  • Each step in the checkout or registration process leads to a reduction in transactions. Reduce the amount of steps to checkout to increase your online sales.

4. Increase domain “authority”

One of the most important factors in your search rankings is your event website’s “domain authority”. This is a number that indicates how much Google trusts your site.

There’s no instant way to improve your domain authority, but Google will trust your site more if you regularly post new content.

Choose a ticketing partner whose site has strong domain authority. The higher it is, the better shot your event has at ranking in search results. EventBrite is one of Google’s top 100 most trusted sites.

5. Increase conversion with Facebook advertising

If you want to sell more tickets, targeting the right audience with Facebook ads is key. Good targeting will increase your conversion rate and also reduce the amount you spend. People who are already interested in your event are 70% more likely to register. Retargeting is the way to reach them.

  • Start small. Start testing ads with a very targeted audience, so you can measure your performance before breaking your budget.
  • Link from your Facebook Page directly to your ticketing provider. Facebook and EventBrite have a “purchase anywhere” integration that makes it easy to reel in attendees.

6. Retain past attendees

Acquiring a new attendee can cost six to seven times more than retaining an existing one. How do you get those attendees to keep coming back? Use data.

Run reports of your ticketing sales to get information you need to sell out your future events. Specifically, report on page views and sales by source.

How do you use these reports to drive ticket or registration sales?

First, look at your page views. If the number of views is much higher than the number of registrants, that means people are viewing your event page but not buying tickets. Assess your registration process to optimise sales.

Next, look at your sales by source. Increase your sales by identifying which promotion channel is driving the most revenue and then investing in that channel.

7. Strengthen ties with event sponsors

Event sponsors give you the resources you need to create the ultimate attendee experience, without spending more money. You can offer sponsor opportunities beyond the usual logo placement with experimental marketing. These add unexpected elements to your event, with your partner footing the bill.

It also means whoever is sponsoring your event is likely to promote it themselves, meaning free advertising for you.

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At Belluber, we specialise in helping businesses run and promote their events. If you’re ready to sell out your event, contact us to see how we can help.