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The 5 biggest digital marketing trends that will dominate this year

The digital marketing industry is complex and constantly developing, but is exciting for anybody who is interested in modern trends. 2016 looks like another great year for online marketing, and these ­­­5 trends are likely to shake up the industry:

  1. Mobile will take over desktop

2015 was a great year for mobile with Google announcing that mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic in 10 different countries. Also according to Google, you won’t need to have an optimised desktop site in addition to a mobile version – just having a mobile-online site can be acceptable. Obviously this won’t be enough to reduce desktop traffic, but you can see what side of the fence Google’s on. Desktop traffic will fade away.

  1. Video adverts will dominate

Video ads are already increasingly popular, with the likes of YouTube hosting billions of videos and advertising platforms such as Facebook offering advertisers the video option. But what is changing in 2016 is that Google is getting on board with embedding video advertising into their search results. With Google’s ownership of YouTube, the future possibilities are limitless.

  1. App fever

These days, any company that’s worth much is expected to have a mobile app. Thinking like this has led some great companies to release apps that weren’t ready for prime time – but that hasn’t done anything to stop this trend from barrelling forward.

As people, we “app-ify” as much as we can. We want to do everything quickly – booking taxis, shopping and more. Apps can do everything that websites can, but in more intuitive, convenient and accessible ways.

  1. Wearable technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) will emerge

Wearable “smart” devices should start gaining more popularity this year. With the unveiling of the Apple Watch in 2015, we are likely to see more smart watches and similar wearable devices start emerging this year. These developments will change the landscape of local marketing, and could make it harder to differentiate between “online” marketing and “real” marketing.

  1. Advertising will cost more

Over the last few years, competition in the online marketing world has dramatically increased, and 2016 will see it increase even more. An increase in demand is usually accompanied by an increase in price, so those new online marketing competitors will drive the prices for online advertising even higher. At the moment, online ads are pretty affordable, but the increases in price may drive some of the smaller companies out of the picture.

Obviously these 5 trends aren’t the only things to come in 2016, but they are some of the most significant. There’s no guarantee on exactly when or how these trends will emerge, but it’s worth being prepared and considering what can happen throughout the year that may affect your company. If you’re looking for help on getting your digital marketing up to scratch, contact us.


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