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4 website marketing strategies to drive more traffic (and ultimately, more sales!)

Using website marketing strategies helps to promote your website and increase traffic. There are many effective methods that work to help increase your website traffic and sales – we’ve listed our favourite 4.

1. SEO!

SEO (search engine optimisation) is one of the greatest website marketing strategies there is. It makes it much easier for potential customers to find your website, therefore finding your products and services faster.

A strong SEO strategy will result in appearing higher in search results. There are hundreds of ways to optimise your site, but the end goal is for your website to appear in the initial search engine results for relevant keywords.

There is a process involved in SEO, and you can’t expect instant results. First, learn the basics and know how you can measure your progress. Find out which of your keywords are bringing the most traffic.

For an SEO analysis of your website with recommendations on how to improve it to appear higher in search results, get in touch with us.

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2. Create great website content

Having great content is one of the pillars of an excellent website. Great care should be taken when creating website content, especially when it comes to the written content. It needs to not only catch people’s attention, but also get them to act. It needs to prompt a customer to make a purchase.

Creating good content isn’t a one-off job either. Review your website regularly, and produce fresh content consistently. Always have the following questions regarding your target audience in mind: what is going to catch their eye? What will hold their attention? What will convince them to stay and make a purchase?

3. Create a useful online tool

Create an online tool to get the contact information of your prospects. The trick is to ensure the tool has real benefits for people and something that will interest them. It’s a freebie, which people can have by submitting their name, email, and whatever other information you ask for.

Examples include an e-book, a guide, a discount code, a video tutorial, etc. This is a creative website marketing strategy to capture leads directly through your site.

4. Join Facebook Groups

You want to reach out and connect to your audience, but you need to find them first. Where might they be? Where do potential customers usually hang out online?

Facebook – more specifically, Facebook Groups. Groups are incredibly popular as there is one for almost every topic you can think of. Once you’re part of a group, you can look at the discussions that other members have, to see what they’re talking about and interested in. You get to understand your audience, and even participate. There might be discussion topics which could result in you being able to promote your product/service, or even blog – driving people organically to your website.

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